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Consent was not invented by GDPR. Consumers will not give you their valuable data if they do not think they can trust you. If they do not trust you enough to give you their email address; they certainly will not give you their credit card details.

We built Project Jack to rebuild trust between consumers and brands. Consumers are informed and have complete control their consent. Marketers are sure that they have compliant consent.

Data Provenance

  • Put your customers in charge of their marketing consent by activity and channel.

  • Demonstrate your transparency with automatically generated Provenance Certificates sent to each registrants.

  • A searchable Provenance Archive ticks the compliance box.

Additional Features and Functionality

Data Capture

Capture data from any device, social media network or website.

Data Validation and Verification

Validate and verify email address, phone number and postal address in real time.

Data Synchronisation

Automatically synchronise your data capture forms with your marketing database, CRM or other marketing technology.

Data Manipulation

Consolidate data from multiple sources such as an app, your website and partner sites.

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