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Data that is incorrect or incomplete costs you money. You have wasted your investment to collect it. You will waste time marketing to it. You will lose the revenue of selling to it.

We built Project Jack to verify that fat fingers do not lead to losing a deal, to validate that you are attracting the right kind of lead and to vindicate all of your marketing data.

Data Capture

  • Capture data from any device, social media network or website.

  • Put our Intelligent Data Capture code on your landing pages or your partners’ pages.

  • Can’t host your own pages? No worries, we can host them for you.

Data Validation and Verification

  • Our Intelligent Form technology verifies email address and phone number in real time.

  • Get the data corrected at the point of capture before it goes into your database.

  • Validate postcode, job title or other demographic data to ensure you are getting the right leads.

Data Synchronisation

  • Automatically synchronise your data capture forms with your marketing database, CRM or other marketing technology.

  • Move data to proprietary systems via our open API.

  • Securely download data via web browser.

Data Provenance

  • Put your customers in charge of their marketing consent by activity and channel.

  • Demonstrate your transparency with automatically generated Provenance Certificates sent to each registrants.

  • A searchable Provenance Archive ticks the compliance box.

Data Manipulation

  • Reformat the data you collect to match your data base.

  • Consolidate data from multiple sources such as an app, your website and partner sites.

  • Deduplicate data at the form level.

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