We save you time by making sure you can reach the prospect on the phone.

There is nothing more aggravating than seeing that perfect lead come through from your website only for their phone number to be wrong. Fake, fraudulent and fat fingered phone numbers are not only useless, they frustrate your sales team and break down trust between sales and marketing.

We built Project Jack to ensure that defunct, deformed or deceptive phone numbers do not get into your data base; get the right number at the point of collection.

Mobile and Landline Phone Validation and Verification

Our phone validation and verification tools prevent your users from entering phone details that you cannot use.

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Phone Validation and Verification

  • Our Intelligent Form technology validates and verifies phone numbers, in real time.

  • Get the data corrected at the point of capture.

  • Eliminate the noise in your CRM caused by fat fingers and fraud.

  • Ensure you are getting leads that you can action straight away.

Additional Features and Functionality

Data Capture

Capture data from any device, social media network or website.

Data Provenance

Put your customers in charge of their marketing consent by activity and channel.

Data Synchronisation

Automatically synchronise your data capture forms with your marketing database, CRM or other marketing technology.

Data Manipulation

Consolidate data from multiple sources such as an app, your website and partner sites.

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